Thurman Station Association, Inc.

Occupancy Tax FAQ


In the Town of Thurman, Warren County

Read the frequently-asked questions below to learn about how to apply for occupancy tax money from a portion of the Warren County occupancy tax funds allotted to Thurman. Learn, too, what is required for a request to be eligible. Links on this page will take you to the necessary forms. Still have questions? Contact the TSA OT Committee at

1. What is the Occupancy Tax and what is the purpose of the OT Grants?

The OT, also known as the “bed tax”, is levied on rooms in places of lodging - i.e., motels, hotels, b&bs, inns. Revenues from this tax are returned to towns, like Thurman, for the express purpose of promoting tourism.

2. How are these revenues distributed?

Monies are awarded as grants for programs/projects/events that will attract tourists (non-resident participants) to Thurman. Grants may not be used solely to serve residents. An application must be completed and submitted to the Thurman Station OT Committee for review by the stated deadline. If questions arise regarding the eligibility of a specific expenditure or activity, the Warren County attorney is the final arbiter.

3. Who may apply?

Individuals, non-profit and for-profit organizations, clubs and groups, sole businesses and business consortiums in Thurman. Note that grants cannot be used for normal operating expenses or for capital improvements not directly related to tourism.

4. What types of activities are eligible for funding?

A wide range - from special one-day events like concerts, fairs and fireworks to weekend events like maple sugar festivals, farmers’ markets and town-wide sales to permanent tourist attractions like historic guided tours, maps and signage, nature trails and outdoor “adventure activities” (hiking & biking, hunting & fishing, white water rafting, etc.). Only your imagination - and the purpose of the grants, tourism - limits the possibilities! Preference will be given to NEW events; “repeat” grant applications for annual events should incorporate new, expanded programs and activities in order to sustain eligibility.

5. What percentage of the event budget will the grant monies cover?

A grant award may be given for a single item (i.e. an advertising banner or promotional material) or provide a major portion of the budget. In all cases, it is expected that the applicant contribute substantially to the event in terms of money, human resources and in-kind contributions. An OT grant may not be the sole support of a project.

6. What is the application deadline?

Grant applications typically are reviewed in the fall, with the funds becoming available in January. Contact us for more information.

7. Where can I get additional information about eligibility for OT grants?

Click to visit our web page on Warren County Spending Guidelines, also known as “Schedule ‘A’.”

8. Where can I get an Occupancy Tax Grant application form and final report form?

Both the application and the required final report form can be accessed and printed from this

website (click on the links), or contact us for a hard copy at